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Information Communication Technologies

Serving the technology towards innovation capacity – custom development software applications

Security Solutions

Enhancing and innovating the future of security – provision of tailored- made approaches.


Promoting and supporting defence research at EU level. Niche products representation

The Company

SKYLD Security and Defence is an ICT and consulting company, that specialises in Homeland Security including public safety, crisis management, critical infrastructure protection and Defence. Our services include capability development, expert consultation on business excellence, systems & operations as well as project governance for private and government organisations.
SKYLD is focusing on developing and marketing novel ICT solutions, in pursuit of advancing emerging technologies and developing cutting-edge solutions in the security and defense domain and is operated by a number of employees with extensive experience in the respective fields. We assist our customers with the acquisition and integration of a wide variety of systems such as border & coastal protection systems, critical infrastructure protection systems, command and control systems, specialised defence and public safety systems, incident management systems, as well as physical security and cyber security systems.

Expert Consultation and Training

SKYLD LTD has the ability to provide advisory and consulting services in the broader area of Security, Safety and Defence, and to provide niche services to Governmental Public and Private organisations. Services includes Risk & Threat assessments, Vulnerability assessments, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services, operational advice and custom operational support. To this sense we help our clients develop people, procedural and technology capabilities that help achieve their strategic and operational goals. This involves undertaking the required gap and stakeholder analysis, defining strategic, operational and technical project requirements, market analysis, tendering, proposal evaluations and selection and supplier monitoring.

Software Development

SKYLD, develops custom software for customers looking for specialised and cost-effective solutions. SKYLD is dedicated to delivering world-class value enhancing advice and services to its clients. When commercially available systems are too complex, too costly or not fully relevant, we develop, or integrate tailor-made solutions that meet the very specific needs of our Customers. We cover the whole Software Development Life Cycle, from the initial Planning and Analysis phase until the Operationalization of the developed solution and the continues maintenance and support phase. On the other hand, when commercially available solutions are existing, we assist our clients in defining assessing their needs and later acquiring the most cost effective solution, which meets their needs.

EU R&D Projects

SKYLD aims to drive the evolution of innovation pathways, from fundamental research and development through to prototyping and transition into capability. SKYLD, develops, participates and delivers research projects within the various EU funding mechanisms. SKYLD works together with interdisciplinary partners from across Europe to address Defence and Security challenges. Our role is to work closely with the EU science, technology and innovation eco-system to deliver scientific advice and solutions that provide capability enhancement for Defence and the Security community. At National level, SKYLD aims to collaborate with local stakeholders and end -users, targeting to the enhancement of national security-defence and prosperity.