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About Us

Our Story

SKYLD LTD is a Cyprus based SME, established in 2022, as an evolution of an existing company operating in Cyprus for more than 10 years. SKYLD leveraging from the experience and knowledge gained at this period, and under new management and leadership approach, is expanding its business portfolio. Additional personnel of exceptional professional standing and expertise also complement the company stucture.

SKYLD is focusing in the fields of Security and Defence domain, including European, International, and nationally funded Research projects and tenders and its personnel has extensive experience in managing complex ICT projects at the respective domains.

Our People

SKYLD is the sum of diverse expertise – bringing multiple perspectives and deep experience to bear on our clients’ behalf. Our expertise reflects our backgrounds as military and law enforcement, strategy consultants, project managers and technologists. SKYLD is a team of dedicated professionals with outstanding proven experience in the industry, government as well as in academic field. Our team has extensive experience and expertise at the areas of Public Safety, Security and Defense. We understand and respect the value of a partnership with an agency, and we are committed to deliver. We believe that together we can do more, and provide modern, tailored-made and best-of-breed solutions, addressing organizational but also technological challenges.

Super Efficient

Deeply Committed

Highly Skilled

Data Protection Policy

Our company cyber security policy outlines our guidelines and provisions for preserving the security of our data and technology infrastructure.
The more we rely on technology to collect, store and manage information, the more vulnerable we become to severe security breaches. Human errors, hacker attacks and system malfunctions could cause great financial damage and may jeopardize our company’s reputation.
For this reason, we have implemented a number of security measures. We have also prepared instructions that may help mitigate security risks. We have outlined both provisions in this policy.
The SKYLD LTD Data protection policy could be downloaded here.

Gender Equality Plan

Guaranteeing equal opportunities for women and men is an important issue at SKYLD LTD and the principle of establishing equality between the genders has been decided, confirmed signed from the top management of the company. In 2022 when SKYLD was created in Cyprus, the company administration resolved upon implementing the Gender Equality Plan. The code contains seven principles that set a signal for a practiced culture of equal opportunity.
The SKYLD LTD Gender equality Plan could be downloaded here.